Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome Aboard New Owners Judith Martin and Mark Roberts, Wysteria 41LN04

The following is from a 26 September email from Judith Martin:

I would like to join the LN41 owners forum. Mark Roberts and I have recently purchased the Wysteria hull #4 from a broker in Kemah, TX. We are located in Monroe, MI and plan to sail around the Great Lakes area, mostly Lake Erie for now. Wysteria needs some work done first. Just hauled out for the season and am looking forward to next summer.

Wysteria has an interesting pedigree. According to her hull number (XSA004041081), specifically the prefix (XSA), she's a Hans Christian!  Actually, Tommy Chen, who owned the Hai-O yard that built the boat, was concurrently building Hans Christian 38 Mark IIs. Wysteria being among the first, if not the first Lord Nelson 41, was simply given the same identifier (XSA) as the Hans Christians. It wasn't until 41LN11 that things were sorted out and the Lord Nelsons started carrying an HAO (for Hai-O--which means seagull in Mandarin) prefix. The prefix changed again, from HAO to OEY, in the summer of 1984 when Hai-O was closed down in favor of the new and larger Ocean Eagle yard .

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