Saturday, February 28, 2015

BMW D50 Parts for the Asking

I recently re-powered during a major overhaul and now have to find a home for the old BMW. I would hate to see my running BMW D50 go to waste but there doesn't seem to be a high demand for this engine amongst the general public. I know most parts can generally be obtained from Canada but, from personal experience, I know they're not cheap. Seems like every time I ordered a part it was $500. Looking at pictures on the owner's association there appears to be at least six owners with their original BMW engine. If anyone is interested in obtaining an entire spare engine/transmisson in order to keep their Beemer running please contact me. I don't want it to go to waste and I need my garage space back. Its not about the money. Although its still listed for sale on Craigslist for the general public, for a Lord Nelson owner it will be "free to good home". You just need to figure out how to pick it up or ship it from Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Tom Fish, Voodoo Child 41LN23

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