Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things I Learned from Tommy Chen--Aria 41LN18


 My wife, Terri, and I had the distinct privilege recently of meeting and talking with Tommy Chen, the designer and builder of our Lord Nelson 41. Tommy was a guest of LNVT's Victory Tug's Midwest Rendezvous on September 12, 13, and 14, 2014 at the St. Croix Marina in Hudson, Wisconsin.

We learned three unique factors about our boat in talking with Tommy. First, the Stays'l is positioned in the sail plan in such a way that one can fly that sail alone in very high winds and sail the boat properly. The helm is balanced on all points of sail and the boat speed is quite respectable. Second, the forward base of the lower keel on the 41 is a maximum of 22 inches wide. That is fairly significant. It doesn't affect the boat's performance. The whole keel is fashioned like an airplane wing to achieve the same lateral lift principles. That wide and heavy section of the keel enables the vessel to carry substantial weigh below without having to extend the keel even deeper. Third, Tommy used a continuous "unbuckled" cable to power the rudder quadrant from the helm so as to not risk cable separation under heavy load.

To other Lord Nelson sailboat owners out there I highly recommend connecting with the Lord Nelson Owner's Association. While I was the only sail boater in an otherwise Victory Tub gathering, I was treated royally. This association seeks to advance our understanding and appreciation of the boats we have and to join in fellowship over our chosen water sport. It is important that we get ample representation of us sailors wherever we might be.

Chuck Jakway
S/V "Aria" LN 41 (Hull #18) Apostle Islands, Lake Superior

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