Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Design of the LN 35 and 41 Stanchion Mounts

Behind the chainplate (pictured at left) is a typical stanchion support used on both the Lord Nelson 35 and 41.  Tommy Chen invented this mount to eliminate deck leaks.  The stainless stanchion mount is backed by a stainless steel plate inside the bulwark.  Just below the deck, three layers of fiberglass (mat and roving) span the space between the deck and hull.  This encloses the bulwark area.  Before the caprail was put on, the entire bulwark was filled with a sand impregnated resin.

The sand was dried before it was used by (1) leaving it out in the sun and then (2) heating it in a 3' to 4' wide, cast iron wok. 

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