Thursday, April 2, 2015

FairWind Reunites Past and Present Owners

By Mike Wiens, FairWind 41LN10

Yesterday Linda and I hosted the reunion of Peter Nordlie and his former boat, FairWind.  There must have been some dust in the air because as Peter first spied FairWind through our back door his eyes began to water. Skipping the idle chit chat we went directly to the boat. Through Peter's eyes, actions and words his, fondness for FairWind was obvious. We started at the stern and worked our way forward while I pointed out some of the maintenance items I had done to keep her Bristol. Remarkably, many of the items Peter had added for his Atlantic voyages were still in place. Below deck he started to reminisce about his time at sea aboard FairWind, the security he felt throughout the seven gales he encountered at sea and how well FairWind accommodated him and his crew. I think Peter was appreciative of the care FairWind has received the past several years. 

Peter also brought with him a photo album he made of FairWind, himself, his crew and their adventures on their Atlantic crossing. As he reviewed the pictures with us the joy he experienced on his voyages was obvious. The ports he visited, the people he met, his crew and FairWind were all special to him. 

After lunch Peter answered many questions we had as to how he handled the sails offshore and other aspects of life on FairWind. Our visit ended with Peter taking several photos of his beloved FairWind and along with a sage bit of advice, "Mike and Linda, you've spent a great deal of time working on FairWind, now go out and sail and enjoy her." 

That we intend to do. 

Mike Wiens, FairWind 41LN10

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